[MovieReview] 500 Days of Summer (2009)

500 days summer

The half people used symbol black and white to call contrast, conflict, and time. The world still rumble on

… the pivot. Planet and star discovered and disappeared be dust. People born and killed because starving, war, or disaster. Public money was stolen leaders didn’t careless. The bar had been burned because a guy loss girl. Family divorced and represented by lawyer on the green table. Or the couple broke up without explanation. “The real world” was dirty, hard, bad, and damn.

The other side, first, you and someone gone to the movie theater and a boy paid all the bill. After that, you drunk juice, and ate popcorn at the same time while enjoy watching the movie. Second, you visited the restaurant or coffee shop, so talk about movie or secrets.  Third, you saw some compact dish or some book what popular one’s but you didn’t buy.

We have limited life behind the wall movie theater, wing words fell on paper book or card, and pop tone swayed from musical instrument. “The holy world” was created by human. Neither you nor me couldn’t life that always fake and impossible.

500 days of summer show “the black and white world”. The gray indeed that showed strange cause couple blind similar like movie, book, and pop song. Tom was remember lovely memories about Summer effect. He get hurt because Summer will married with some guy.

Finally, He sure destiny: hurt, and beauty side created by God. But movie, book, and pop song always help to find the meaning of the world.

To be continue

[MovieReview] Pride and Prejudice (2005)


If you’re single woman, the mean index, surely, you like a single man handsome, rich, and smart enough. The classic reasons were handsome help child face, rich will scroll social level, and smart can be nice conversation. Its like a “hors d’oeuvre”. Small bite and precious moment: salty, sour or spicy, light, and fresh.

Love is possible.

Specially, responsible. The man should responsible who love. If fourth combine together its complete. All ladies give attention to love you.

If the story only have one would be forget. Complete story need beauty side ( face, religions, etc.) , moral, and intellectual who responsible love. Because serious story was written by reflection between character writer and conversation. And then, audience will married with its.

Pride and prejudice start “hors d’oeuvre story” consist until modern era. The woman era who has ever seen before. Time by time. Story begin when single women and single man met at party, attention, and last married. A simple like that

… made interest is Elisabeth always throw naughty critic so bite mind, and little spicy.

To be continue

[English Version] Will See

“Do you remember me?”

“All of you. Why you call me?”

“Mr. Han have some advice. He said my time is short.
I’ll tell ya if we’re meeting at 18.00 a.m. at Cinere near Pasar Segar tomorrow. I’ll treat you.”

Mr.Han is arabian and english teacher. Though he isn’t counseling. But he very multi talent. Number wahid. When we’ve a problem on school. We met Mr.Han. We never care nethink other students.

Three years we always be a problem because I am flirting her cause she has lion hair. Childish! She was a wisest and sexy student specialist bahasa. Every years, she always be a finalist english competition. Somehow, why she chose accounting class!? Look the number She always complain. Perhaps her brain sliding. Or she wasn’t norm.

Two years ago we’ve never say hello. Hi, ‘big Ona.’ How do you do? The twelve days, twelve months, and two thousand twelve years. 121212. Ona date with new campus friend, Putra. People will  be replaced with someone who is always other side. So far, I don’t expect to much. I am jealous. On the other side, I was lucky man become somebody beside her, best friend. Formerly. She always exposed problems after our close. Her father died She life with a little brother, Iboy, and now Mr. Han said that her life short.

“Happy birthday, Ona, on 20 years. Hopefully Ona happy long life, God bless you healthy, and get great score on your study.”

And then, what I’d to say when we meet. Messy! I’m just nethink about you. First, MBA problems. Married By Accident. Her boyfriend didn’t wanna responsible. What?! Sound like stupid dramas. I love you and I’ll charge. I swear I love you.

Second, Ona break up. It would be fun ‘opportunities, combination and permutation’. Suddenly, her boyfriend come give free courses: the mountain man, muscle body, black belt karate and I think He doesn’t like math. I am finish!

Third, Ona escaped from the hospital. I started to be believe Ona will die.

Fourth, I don’t say anything, sorry and fear break the mood.

Fifth, She doesn’t norm and I’d faint.

 Answer the paper students from ‘A’ to ‘E’. All answer look right. Multiple choice! Build a critical mind. Circular! Need highly confidence to appropriate choose one to five. Unfortunately, the simple math analysis isn’t same as life. Uncertainty and more options to grow up.

On the chest of a scraggy man had no shame
Who are visible only bones
Sweat as gravel wet a shirt and smell medical oil
Hands, neck, and body striped like a java tiger
Still a man couldn’t swim
Play slide water
And rock style?
Only exception

The border between Jakarta and Depok
Sail only love provision without preparation
A small fortune or a small foolish will sink and death
Not be dog shit who broom the wind
If it rains on roadside
To catch a cold
To float on ditch
Completing tragedy

Story “kerokan” and accidents in early December

Ona has not two bodies. Ona was unchange. Look prettier. We say hello and talk history. Tense. I was wrong. Always wrong. Wrong about bad thoughts and bad thoughts in the end up mad. In a fact, Ona break up cause they doesn’t match with ‘killing machine man’. They relate only one half years. She’s nice and wasn’t sick (mad). She said just want to more gathering cause age nobody knows.

Krutttt! sound the stomact, not sound fart.

We laugh. As was at canteen school. Coffee shop deserted. I’m getting wild. Its mean the stomach tiger hungry to be filled. Without thinking we order same dish. Shouldn’t in Coffee Shop order some cup of coffee right? Fried rice and warm tea at second order came. I’m sorry I was screwed your diet program. Actually, order for Ona too cause I don’t look silly have two stomach.

“Are you want hiking together?” Not something about married.

“Will see, fad.

“You want to courting?”

“Will see, fad. We grow up, fad. Boyfriend or girlfriend only to high school teenager.” And the atmosphere fickle. Ona look around then crying. “I’m trauma, courting made me prostitute woman before married. He abuse, hit, and kiss me on public when he want. Psychopath!” I believe, a problem wasn’t like hiking the mountains courting.

“So I will”

Kopitiam Oey
Cinere, Between South Jakarta and Depok

Desember 1st, 2014